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“We have recently had D.P.S. refresh 2 KIP 8000 developer units for our company. Not only did these units perform perfectly out of the box, they were also labled with complete instructions as to what to do. They were also returned in a very short turn around time. The time, and cost savings for our in house service technician was well worth every penny!  We highly recommend Steve Verrilli and his company.”

Jim Cihlar
Plaza Reprographics & Supply Co.

“We received our first “refreshed” unit back from you and are thrilled!  We are sending another one up.  There is no rush on this one, it is a spare.  Thanks again for the great service!”

Kris Hoffman
Service Tech
Metro Reprographic Services

“In our experience, the refreshed developer units we have acquired from  Kipdoctor operate as good as new and at unbeatable prices. The convenience of having a backup unit (purchased from Kipdoctor) and cycling these units out as required for rebuild, allows for virtually uninterrupted operation and top quality printed product. There is no need to purchase a rebuild kit and expend the time and effort doing it in house when Kipdoctor can do it for less and with a great deal more experience and expertise.”

Mike at Triangle

“The refreshed 8000 unit we got from you has worked great.  We have had no problems with it.  Thanks for all your help.”      Jay Gensemer Bay Area Blueprint

“So far so good on our first refreshed developer unit. We put it in one of our service contract customer’s machine and will be sending you back the replaced unit soon.

This can definitely increase the profit margin on service contracts.”

Dave Morgan

“Hey thanks a bunch for all you’ve done regarding my issue with the last one. I've printed out this email along with the other two and I'm going to run them by my boss and mention how great of service and response we’ve gotten in doing business together. THIS is how people do business.”

Multiple 8000 shop in California